SEO Tools by George.

Here are some of the SEO tools I've made. Use them. Share them. Copy them. Take credit for them. Whatever.

Soup du George

Moz Local CSV Helper

Moz Local CSV Popoulator

Here's a Google Doc I created to help make that CSV file for Moz Local a little bit easier to fill out. The columns are labeled with descriptions so you can easily copy/paste the data to get a CSV that passes the validation test. Even Moz liked it:

Note: Moz has said that they're working to improve this feature so this form may be obsolete in the future

Get the Moz Local CSV Populator

Video XML Sitemap Generator

Video XML Sitemap Generator

This Google Doc will take a list of URLs with embedded YouTube or Vimeo videos for basic meta data and then allows you to copy it into another tab that will mark up the info in XML Sitemap format. I wrote a blog article summarizing it in more detail if you want to read.

Get the Video XML Sitemap Generator

Google Analytics Blogger Dashboard

Google Analytics Blogger Dashboard

This is a dashboard for Google Analytics that focuses on pages that include the word "blog" in the URL. If your blog doesn't follow that convention, you can follow the instructions here to customize it.

Get the Blogger Dashboard

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